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Hey there, I am Sebastian Du.

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Red 6 Brings AR To USAF Combat Training

Combat Pilot training has traditionally been expensive and tedious, making it hard for air forces around the world to recruit and train pilots. However, AR could transform the air combat training scene as it provides more realistic and effective air combat training while at lower costs.

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You know VR, AR, but what is spatial computing?

Following the advancement of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, the next stage will be Mixed Reality, where it involves the integration of and interaction between the Digital and Physical worlds. A key technology to achieve this will be Spatial Computing.

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Creative Product Designer From Facebook

A huge projected growth of ~80% in VR/AR for 2020!

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Augmented reality app adds interactive enhancements to scientific posters, presentations

Augmented Reality is now able to provide new and clearer forms of communication in the area of scientific research, minimising any tendencies for misinterpretation.

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